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LIFT has a weekly clinic in cooperation with the University of Pretoria with basic medical care, family planning, dietetics, supplementation of malnourished children, social services, HIV testing & counselling. Two Community Health workers do household assessments, follow-up on patients and do post-natal care. A women's support group provides info on domestic violence, counselling, safety in the home, discipline of children, nutritional info and cooking demonstrations. A Vegetable project helps families to grow veggies in old tires. A Domestic Worker Training programme provides cooking classes, life skills and job opportunities. An Annual Conference is organised for the residents. Children do recycling and earn "money" to shop at the Pendula Children's store. A Needlework group teaches women to sow, knit, crochet and some is contracted to do sowing for a company. The Woodlane Village HUB is planned with a Buyback centre (recycling), second hand shop, community kitchen and the clinic.



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