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Beginet can minister to any person that experience challenges in his or her unique circumstances and which have access to a radio or internet, free of any costs. This includes people of all walks of life, and in all phases of development - for instance teenagers, adults, those in love, married couples, parents, single parents, bad and good marriages, first or second marriages, very poor to very wealthy; anybody that has been affected by the brokebrokenness of our world. The largest part of our society needs help and hope, but cannot access it - both physically, and or financially. This situation results in most of society becoming desolate and desperate. Beginet’s service and products that we offer to the masses in order to promote family and community stability, is available to all, free of charge. We are disrupting brokenness mahala, verniet, for free! Just think of it! Your donation today will help disrupting brokenness in South Africa! Your donation, big or small, matters.Thanks



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Kies / Choices

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