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An Animal Welfare Organisation that relieves the plight of severely neglected and abused animals and uplifts and educates destitute and impoverished children in informal settlements around the Western Cape. Our sole purpose and objective is to restore health, dignity and love. We run a Rehabilitation Shelter for severely neglected and abused animals on a farm close to Malmesbury, and, with time, dedication and love we restore the smiles to those that give us unconditional love. The Sanctuary is a stepping stone of hope for neglected and abused pets in the Greater Cape Town. We teach responsible pet ownership to destitute communities by promoting proper pet health, sterilisation and feeding programs. We provide a comfortable and stimulating temporary home for all our rescues, where the public can lavish love and affection on them and make it easy to adopt or foster in a stress free environment. We actively help the worst cases, the NO HOPE LEFT ones that would otherwise be euthanised.



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