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SOWLE Centre pronounced ‘soul’ is a non-profit oragnization with the aim of educating higher functioning children with Down Syndrome & other Special Educational Needs like Autism, Global Development Delay, Speech Apraxia to name but a few, to the highest possible level attainable by each pupil. Our aim is to grow the strong points & nurture the weak points of each child as well as to integrate therapies into learning time.The aim of SOWLE Centre is to train & develop our learners to become functioning members of society & to become as independent as they possibly can & therefore we would like to offer our learners’ skills development courses. In order to get our learners ready for their future potential jobs & also to develop their independence at home, we have to develop skills training in school which could include the following subjects: consumer studies, office administration, agriculture / permaculture, arts & crafts, hospitality service, health & beauty, maintenance / woodwork



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