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Website: https://worthywomen.wixsite.com/worthywomen

Email: worthywomen.npc@gmail.com

Telephone: 0126441139

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Worthy Women is an institution that advocates for participatory democracy for the ABUSED, DISABLED & DISADVANTAGED community, but not limited to the abused, disabled & disadvantaged community, using skills development, entrepreneurship programs, outreach programs, provision of educational programs, health care programs and deaf beauty pageants as key drivers for social inclusion, social cohesion and social integration. The Mission of Worthy Women NPC is to serve as a cutting-edge, transparent, accountable organization that amplifies the VOICE of the disabled & disadvantaged in terms of artisanship, rights, needs, skills development programs, training and entrepreneurship. All beneficiaries are selected as per the BEE Codes of Good Practice and under the Socio Economic Development pillar where a minimum of 75% of beneficiaries must be Black African, Colored, Indian and 25% White. A preference is given to disabled and/or disadvantaged women followed by disabled men & then able bodies.