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“Vita Nova” means New Life and this is what is offered to all who live at the Centre and those who attend on a daily basis. At Vita Nova the emphasis is on developing what-ever skills the individual person has, with special emphasis on those skills needed for the enjoyment of a happy meaningful life. Social skills are encouraged which enable those at the Centre to form a happy well integrated group. We have 122 Mentally Disabled, Cerebral Palsy and HIV/Aids children that we care for with 88 full time staff members, 1 qualified sister and 5 auxiliary nurses. The residents are aged between 3 & 77 years of age and at the moment 76 of them do not have either parents or any family members. Our “Bunny” hostel caters for the needs of pro-found cerebral palsied residents from the age of 16 upwards. Stimulation is provided for these residents and every effort is made to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.



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