Get-a-Life in 40days through 7 strategic questions
The 40 day ‘Get-a-Life’ challenge: Get-a-Life in 40 days through 7 strategic questions! Why Get a Life? Life is the now! It’s too precious to waste and too short to postpone. The 40 day “Get-a-Life” challenge is a tested methodology that can be implemented to take you to the next level. You can always go to the next level. Whether it is from sinking to survival, from survival to stability, from stability to success, or from success to significance. It is within your control to take your life to the next level and we all need to exercise that control. Albert Einstein said it is insane to expect different results from the same behaviour. Why 7 Strategic Questions? The journal follows a unique approach: It doesn’t give you the answers like most books, but rather guides you through 7 strategic questions spread over 40 days (7 weeks). They tend to focus on one aspect of life, whereas the journal focuses on life in its totality – on all aspects in proportion. Socrates, one of the wisest of all philosophers, taught us that you can lead people to wisdom through strategically placed questions. Why 40 Days? It takes time and effort to plan and design a good life and 40 days has been proven to be the correct number of days to get the best possible results. When you follow the step by step proven and practical process, it affords you the opportunity to clear the pond water and rapidly gets to the heart of where you are now so that you can start at the right place. Constructing a good life is work in progress. However a 7 week or 40 day period is a relatively short space of time in a life spanning over many years to re-assess, re-think and re-design your life long journey. You can implement it on your own, however there are added benefits for those who prefer to do it in a group of journey partners. We all belong to various groups.You can lead or find someone to lead and convene a group for the 40 day challenge to meaningfully influence family, friends, professional colleagues, business, sports and spiritual team members. Everybody does the six days per week in their own time with their own targets. You then all meet once a week for seven weeks with your group of journey partners to discuss the six days and the relevant questions of that week. You (as individuals or a group) can also fast track results, by joining a facilitated one day (8 hour) workshop working with an extended life map to get the most out of it. Workshops are scheduled regularly in most countries and are available on request with minimum numbers. Remember the words of John Quincy Adams : “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Be a leader to yourself and others by starting the 40 day Get-a-Life challenge.