FutureWindow/ToekomsVenster Training Programmes

Skills training for unemployed young people
We are training young people who have matric, but are unemployed, in needlework/sewing and carpentry. These youngsters make the most beautiful handbags for women and girls, pencil bags, shopping bags and girl’s dresses. All items are one of a kind and of a high quality. We sell these at local craft markets and schools, but our income from the markets aren’t sufficient to cover all expenses. Fabric, zips, buttons, ribbons, tape, etc. are quite expensive. The young men manufacture fine-looking, good quality furniture and décor items from pallet wood. Again our input cost is higher than our income, and for these valuable skills programmes to continue successfully, we rely heavily on donations from the public. In addition to the industrial, hands-on training we also make use of qualified lecturers to teach our students entrepreneurial, business principles, marketing, and financial skills. Furthermore, we give them trade experience, so that they are equipped to start their own micro-businesses or find jobs, and become financially independent. All of this happens in a caring, Christian environment where we focus on fostering attributes such as self-motivation, discipline, trustworthiness and respect. Your help to enable us to continue up-skilling unemployed young people and orientate them towards responsibility and self-sufficiency would be most appreciated. Thank you for your kind consideration and generosity, we can’t do it without your interest and involvement. Together we do good!