Welcome, Halli Trust!


Welcome, Halli Trust to the LTN family!

Read Heidi Naude's story on how it all came about: I, Heidi Naude, must start at the beginning with this story, as this is how the pieces of my life puzzle fitted into each other when I started Halli Trust at the age of 42. I was born and raised in Namibia. After Matric I came to the Western Cape. I studied for 2 years at the Tygerberg Technical College where after I worked in the catering industry, had my own catering business, became a mother, did a few things from home and worked at a toy shop in Somerset Mall. While working at this particular toy shop, I realized the effect that a mascot has on kids during educational presentations and talks. I was also exposed to the community side of this shop and it just touched my heart in such a way that I felt this was what I had to do! And so the Halli mascot, together with the Trust was birthed.

Visit the Halli Trust profile here to find out more about this cute, life-changing character, Halli, and what they get up to.