A new year, a new start and new opportunity!


Happy new year to you!  Aren’t we all so familiar with that phrase?  Do we think twice when we hear those words and ponder a bit on what they actually mean?  No, sometimes we just operate in autopilot and return the favour.  The flip side of this comment, is that here at PEN we tend to engross ourselves in the new year part.  2018 was a good year at PEN, challenging in all the normal ways, but we can look back and thank God for a year that was impactful, transformative and inspiring.

Looking forward to 2019 we want to embrace the words of having a happy new year.  A new year to do good, a new year to see life stories being rewritten and a year where a 120 of PEN’s full time team work together to make sure we do our vision to “ignite change” justice.  Challenges will always be part of our equation whether it is financial, social or even geographical, but we choose to look up, have faith and soldier forward knowing that we are doing the right thing.  As the author Billy Butler put ityou get a new year, you get a new start, you get a new opportunity and this is what we want to wish you, a new start and new opportunity.

2019 at PEN, will see us moving from a theme-based approach like education, healthcare, etc. to a people-focussed approach, aiming to help people along their way to transformation and their own restoration.  Not much have changed with under the hood of the PEN vehicle, but the way we will do things this year will be slightly different.  Our programs will focus on toddlers, youth and adults, each with their PEN leader and their dedicated teams that help make the magic happen through education, healthcare, community support and so forth.  See, the same pudding just a different sauce!

Before we leave you to percolate on what you just read, we once again want to extend our hand to you and wish you a wonderful, colourful and blessed new year.  May we as PEN journey with you this year and may we together, discover the colour, grace and opportunity a happy new year holds for you.


Your PEN friends in the heart of the city!