Welcome, Vita Nova Centre!


We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Receiver Organisation, Vita Nova Centre.

Vita Nova Centre was established in 1977 thanks to the efforts of the Eastern Transvaal Cerebral Palsy Association (ETCPA), who recognized the needs of children and adults suffering from severe cerebral palsy.

Funds were raised with much assistance from East Rand Round Tables, local businesses, parents and the general public resulting in our present facilities. Strong ties continue with the Gauteng Cerebral Palsy Association (formerly ETCPA).

Vita Nova originally catered exclusively for children and adults whose cerebral palsy excluded them from a ‘normal’ education or even a place in a ‘special school’. During 1999 the Constitution of the Centre was amended and as a result, a wider range of disabilities and conditions can be catered for, with emphasis on the needs of the previously disadvantaged local community. The only limiting factors being the availability of funds, suitability, and extent of the Centre’s facilities.

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