Welcome, The Hippo Roller!


Welcome to The Hippo Roller, LTN’s new Receiver Organisation.

The Hippo Roller was conceptualized in 1991 by Pettie Petzer & Johan Jonker, two South Africans who grew up on farms, experiencing the national water crisis first-hand & witnessing local communities carrying heavy buckets of water on their heads for kilometers every day.

With roots in these water-dependent, resource-poor environments, they were familiar with the struggle to access water that millions of people experience daily.

In particular, Jonker noticed that farm workers were collecting empty plastic containers to fetch their own water. He thought there had to be a better way.

As co-inventor Pettie describes it, the original idea was based on a wheelbarrow including a moulded tank for a low centre of gravity, & in trying to get their concept going, one of the first problems they encountered was the price of the wheel itself. It was the most expensive component. It was then that Pettie had his Eureka moment: “Let’s put the water in the wheel!" And so, the Hippo Roller was born.

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