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An estimated 9000 babies are abandoned each year in South Africa. Only 1 in every 3 babies survives abandonment. On average, 3000 babies each year are brought into our communities in desperate need of someone to love them.

Our aim is to care for babies who are abandoned, orphaned, or given up for adoption. We want to take them from this hopeless situation into a place of joy by giving them much needed love and care, while preparing them to connect with Forever Families.
Whether you are looking for SED points, tax deduction, or simply want to give back. We would love for you to PARTNER WITH US.

  • Adopt-A-Cot: Providing for the monthly financial needs of one baby in our home. This is a monthly commitment (increments of R250 to R2 500 in support of one cot). We will provide you with seasonal updates each year on the child that you are sponsoring.
    • Average Monthly Cost for the care of a child is R2 500
  • Personnel: We need hands to hold our babies and care for them. Staff that will love our babies and pour their lives into them form an invaluable part of this mission. You can invest in our children by helping to provide a salary.
    • Monthly R6 000 (estimated)
    • Annual R72 000
    • Once off gift of any amount, simply donated towards our total bill
  • Vouchers: We need food and medications and special outfits in which they can meet their forever families.
    • Baby City vouchers
    • Dischem vouchers
    • Ackermans vouchers
  • Donation Drive: There is a constant need for formula, nappies, and wet wipes. You could get involved by organizing a drive to collect these items at your work, school, church, or any other group you are involved in.
    • Lactogen 1 and 2
    • Disposable Nappies 0-4
    • Wet wipes
    • Baby Clothes (Premature - 36 months)
    • Baby toys and equipment
      (wooden blocks, bouncy chairs, play mats, mobiles, etc.)
  • Volunteer: There is a never ending list of things to do, gardens, maintenance,
    cleaning, laundry, etc. You could come and spend some time helping around the

How can you get involved in giving back to your community?

Warm regards
Cindy Neilson, House Mother and Manager

Administrative Details
NAME                                                         Thabisa Baby House
NPO NUMBER                                           2017 / 217305 / 08
PO BOX                                                     PO Box 16347, Leondale 1424
TOTAL CAPACITY                                     6 children
OFFICE NUMBER                                     011 866 2045
FACEBOOK                                               Thabisa Baby House
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