Welcome, Aquila Travelling Bible!


Welcome, Aquila Travelling Bible to the LTN family!

The Aquila dream originated after a very long and cold winter’s night on 31 August 2007 in Stellenbosch, based on a moving Bible study. It was about the lives and work of Aquila and his wife, Priscilla, who, embarking on extended journeys, likely raised money for Christian Jews in need. Aquila was a prosperous Christian who traveled extensively with Paul to spread the Word of God.

The project was initially a desire to express gratitude by providing 1 000 blankets to needy persons who were exposed to the cold and the elements. It however soon became clear that even the cheapest blankets were much more expensive than the most affordable Bible. It was thus decided to rather buy and distribute 1 000 Bibles. The idea arose of a traveling Bible that would travel from one believer to the next. After almost four years, and after enough funds had been generated to buy 1 000 Bibles, the project is well underway.

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