PEN Sea Camp needs your help! Dream with us!


PEN Sea Camp is without a doubt on of the signature events, changing the lives of our children.  This project not only benefit our children tremendously, but is also a chance for our supporters (with huge hearts) to once again get involved.  Their hearts not only give, bake, shop and support this project, but they open up an opportunity where our children can be “a child” for a few days and meeting God in a very special way.

Each child that attends the PEN Sea Camp experience pain and heartache at some level.  During their time at the camp, every youth worker, mentor and counsellor give them the chance to journey and heal.  People may ask, “but this is a luxury to go to the coast?”  To them we say that God has an appointment with every child that will be there.  God, our Father and dream giver promises a prosperous future in Jeremiah 29:11. This Sea Camp gives them an opportunity to rise above their pain and their challenges.  For some of our children a chance to be free from abuse, to sleep with a full tummy or just without worry. PEN cannot remove every child from their circumstances, but during the sea camp, we can journey with them and give them the necessary tools to manage and free themselves from their circumstances on an emotional and spiritual level.

We want to challenge you to help heal the pain, to give a child the chance to breathe and find their purpose this December.  God made the beach and ocean for His children to enjoy and stand in awe of His grace and kindness.  You can be the difference by sponsoring a child at R1500,00.  Maybe you can help with half the cost of a child, or buy juice concentrate, maybe a towel or 2?  Your prayers for our children will spark a miracle and we want you to be excited with us.  For more information please contact Susan van der Walt at or phone 012 323 6688.  Direct deposits can be made to PEN at:

Name:                         PEN

Bank:                           ABSA

Acc:                             0020 263 385

Br:                               632 005

Type:                           Cheque

Ref:                             Sea Camp & Surname

Send proof or dep:

Your donation to the PEN Sea Camp will earn you a S18A Tax Exemption certificate. For more info on PEN’s programs, please visit