Welcome, GrowSA!


Welcome to our New Receiver Organisation, GrowSA. 

GrowSA is a Non-Profit organisation established with the aim to facilitate Economic Growth and Opportunities for All within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region.

South Africa in particular, is a country with huge untapped opportunities when available mineral resources, the agricultural diversity and tourism potential coupled with a well-developed transport infrastructure is taken into account.

However, the greatest and most important challenge up until now has been the creation of a Platform where Business, Government and the Community can liaise and strategize together in taking our economy to the next level. GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating these platforms on Local-, Provincial- and National Level where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.

To support GrowSA go to their profile here:  https://lovingthyneighbour.org/receivers?id=D5D9D54F-CAFE-11E8-B329-001E67B2A9F8