Welcome to the LTN Family, CCBC!


Loving Thy Neighbour welcomes CCBC to the family!

The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is one of the most active business chambers in the country with a prominent focus on the facilitation of economic growth within Pretoria/Tshwane. The CCBC works in partnership with Government and Business Leadership from all Sectors 

CCBC identifies with and shares your vision for promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth within the country and - as the Business Chamber within Pretoria/Tshwane - the Capital City specifically.

Pretoria/Tshwane, needs to be recognized as the Administrative Capital City of our country with emphasis on: 

1. The Union Buildings form the Official seat of the South African Government and also houses the offices of the President of the country

2. It is the home of various Government Organizations’ Headquarters  

3. It hosts the second largest Diplomatic Hub in the world next to Washington DC

4. It is the city with the 3rd largest geographic footprint next to New York and Tokyo

To find out more about CCBC click here:  https://lovingthyneighbour.org/receivers?id=3B152A44-B1AD-11E8-B329-001E67B2A9F8