Waiting...and more waiting...


While we are waiting for the news regarding a bone marrow match, we are still so blessed.. Everything is starting to fall into place. It is so true, we just have to trust God's timing.

The specialist and Gidion's doctor both agreed that it was better to take Gidi out of school until the transplant, since his immune cells dropped to crazy low values. We can't afford that he gets sick now, now that we're so close to BMT (bone marrow transplant). Off course Gidi was all smiles and loving every second of not needing to get up early for school laugh

We made peace in the beginning of the year that he would have to repeat his grade 3. He was incredibly disappointed and said the other kids will think he is dumb, but we explained everything and also said he could help the smaller kids. So he accepted it, just like all the other challenges he faces. But his school, Bronberg Akademie contacted me and said that they want to help us. They were willing to waiver the school fees for the months that he could not attend school, without him losing his place. They took such a huge strain off us, as it makes a significant difference to our everyday medical expenses. But that was not all. His teacher, who is an absolute angel sent on our journey, went to talk to the principal and school and asked that if Gidion passed the final evaluation, if he could go to Grade 4. She was willing to help us in her own time with skype and other means so that Gidi does not fall behind. The fact that Gidi feels he's still "one of the class" and not being left behind, is just amazing and helping a LOT to keep him stay positive.

A lot of people ask me when we are going to Cape Town - I wish I knew. This waiting is driving mom insane cheeky  The Bone Marrow Registry has done the high resolution testing on Gidion's blood, and matched it to a potential donor abroad (off course to spice things up Gidion had to have an additional mutation resulting in not ONE single match being found in SA). That individual's blood has now been sent to Netherlands to test if he/she is a 100% match for Gidion. Please pray with us that it is a perfect match. Only once we have a match, dates can be calculated for the BMT, as well as the chemo etc.