Welcome to the LTN Family


Welcome to our new Receiver organisations Pure Hope Kids, 8 Augustus in Weiveld: Hoop vir Gidion, Ons Huis.


Pure Hope Kids is a Pre-Primary educational institution for under privileged children. Pure Hope Primary is an extension of their dream that resulted into a primary school, which opened its doors in January 2013. The institution is rooted in the Christian faith and was established with the primary goal to reach out and minister to children, illustrating the heart and love of Jesus towards them. Pure Hope Kids and Pure Hope Primary are for children that cannot afford to attend a creche or school at any cost.


The main objectives of Hoop vir Gidion are to assist and promote the wellbeing of Fanconi Anaemia sufferers and their immediate families, just like Gidion, the son of Tuschka Reynders, also the founder of the Foundation. Support their event Hoop vir Gidion on the 8th of August at the Weiveld in order to help Gidion get the operation he needs.


ONS HUIS is a project established by the Charity Commission of the Elarduspark Dutch Reformed Church's Presbytery. It was born out of the faith and determination of a group of parents who kept on believing that, with its acceptance and support, their mentally handicapped children would be able to live and work as normally as possible within the community.


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