CCCSA: Charity Outreach


On 17 November 2015 we had the privilege to have a LEGO Charity Outreach with Erich Postumus, a well known South African motivational speaker and comedian. I didn’t realise how this day will touch my heart! I realised how privileged I am and how many things I take for granted. The outreach reminded me of my childhood years. In 1976 when I was only three years old my parents found out that I was born hard of hearing. I only had about 40% hearing capacity.

The specialist told my parents that I will never live a normal life and that I will have to attend a special school for the deaf from age four. His verdict was that I will never be able to independently look after myself. But my parents decided not to accept his verdict! They just couldn’t find it in their hearts to let me go and live in a hostel and decided to raise me at home and walk along side me on this difficult road. They gave up so much to equip me for life!

At that stage I was receiving speech and other therapy and I had to go from Welkom where we lived, to Cape Town four times per year for tests to measure my progress. I wasn’t an easy child to handle and did not speak at all when I was with strangers. When I visited the doctors, speech therapist etc – the strangers – I just crept into …..and nobody could get anything done with me – not even my parents. It was extremely difficult for the doctors and specialists to determine how I was progressing.

I realised after all these years that it was my way to protect myself from getting hurt and didn’t then know how to handle everything. School was another difficult story and I was teased as the “little guy with the wires in his ears”! I always had to prove myself wherever I went. Through all of that, my parents were at my side and prepared to listen and encourage. Today I realise that if it was not for their love and faith in me as a person, I would not have been busy with my Father’s work.

Today I can testify that as a result of my parents’ faith in God and their trust in Him for the impossible that it is possible! They believed in my potential and that I will get out on top!

What I learnt from them:

-Through their faith, I learnt about God
-Through their faith, I was taught to rise above my circumstances
-Through their faith, they taught me that nothing is impossible
-Through their faith, they taught me that God is always there and will help me to reach my potential

After the outreach, I realised how many children there are that do not have parents to encourage and motivate them. How many children come from broken homes and cannot sit on someone’s lap to cry for comfort! I realised that this slogan is very true: “I can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” It is with these Lego outreaches that I have the opportunity to help hurting children. There are many organisation that can also use Lego to minister to children on their level. Together with Care for Education we help organisations to reach out to children and to minister and teach to them in a playful manner.