At PEN we do Mandela Day with a difference.


Looking at a day where we celebrate the legacies of a great man, our man, our president and past struggle icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.  His views on poverty, education and freedom for all, was a voice that brought international attention to our country and the injustice that was part of our story.  When we press the fast forward button to today, his legacy can be seen in our country through it’s unique unity and yes diversity that is celebrated though our flag, our cities and most important of all, our people.


PEN has adopted Madiba’s legacy when serving our communities, young and old. Whether they are just surviving life or vulnerable on the streets, we dream of transformation through igniting change in the hearts and minds of people who ARE able to build, grow and sustain themselves to be valuable and contributing members of our society.  Mandela Day is on the 18th of July and offers everyone in South Africa and abroad even, a chance to spend 67 minutes of their time to do good.  The 67 minutes doesn’t nearly equate to the 67 years Mandela fought for social justice, but  it sure is a good start.


Here at PEN we are passionate about our city, the people and their stories.  In the spirit of Mandela Day, PEN will invite corporate, business, faith based communities, volunteers, friends and even tourists to come on a guided tour of our city.  To understand the story of Pretoria, the transformation and rhythm of our communities we serve and naturally, how PEN engage with partners, friends and supporters to make our vision “ignite change” tangible.  We are DONE with having walls painted at our programs, we are THROUGH with people just showing up to clean our homes of safety, and yes, we are not eager to receive people who are just using this precious opportunity to create PR value to their company or institution.


How about we look at making Mandela Day the ignition for something greater? How about corporate and Mandela Day enthusiasts start adopting a project of PEN and use the 67 minutes to kickstart long term involvement and think with us how we can partner and change lives and ensuring greater impact?  How will this work you might ask?  Maybe your business expertise can come to play when we can work together on looking at how we can streamline operational costs?  Or how about sharing your connections to get cheaper but adequate insurance, because yes, we need to have that too.  Or how about you adopt our electrical bill and create opportunity for your teams to ‘take care’ of our unsung heroes, our “PEN hearts” that works everyday, to make sure we serve our communities better?


Mandela Day is not just 67 minutes, it’s a chance to start something greater!