POPUP appreciates you!



Lately I've wondered how POPUP can express our gratitude and appreciation to every donor for big or small donations made.

I decided to look up how the word ‘appreciate’ is defined in the Oxford Thesaurus and I found the following: “valuable, esteem, cherish, admire, treasure and respect.” The word ‘appreciation’ is described as: “gratitude, thankfulness and gratefulness." Pondering on these words, it really dawned upon me that these words jointly expresses how we feel about YOU, as a donor!

Certain donors have already contributed monthly for the past 17 years to POPUP! How can we express our thankfulness in words?

The cause you are supporting by contributing to POPUP is immensely significant! Your donation matters to every learner that we are empowering - through our Life Skills and skills programmes, meals, clothes and helping them to find employment or developing some as entrepreneurs.

Without your engagement and support, POPUP would not be able to have such an impact on the lives of unemployed and disadvantaged people in our city. THANK YOU – WE SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOU.

Marlene Freislich
POPUP Executive Director