POPUP’s Soshanguve Centre: Magdeline Magolo


As published in Frontlines, CBN Southern Africa Partners Magazine, Issue Five 2017

Eighteen-year-old Magdeline Magolo registered at POPUP’s Soshanguve centre and successfully completed her ELSA (English Literacy Skills Assessment) to determine her current level of literacy and numeracy functionality. Thereafter, she joined the compulsory Foundation for Life programme in May 2017 and it was during this programme that Magdeline shared her personal story with the facilitators.

From a very young age she felt isolated, seeing that she was reared to believe that her family is everything that she will ever need and with youngsters her age rejecting her as a friend, she kept to herself and was seen as peculiar. Her father would sexually abuse Magdeline and was caught out one day by her uncle. She hasn't seen her father since that day after he ran away, as the police were on their way to the location. Since that day Magdeline fell into a deep depression, she really loved her dad and loved to spend time with him. Magdeline and her brother moved to her grandparents’ house, after a family feud with her aunt, having experienced emotional abuse from her aunt as well. The abuse continued with her grandfather, speaking lies and constant critique over Magdeline.

At this point she was under the impression that her biological mother was working away from home, that is why she had to stay with her grandparents and never see her Mom. However, her mother was in hospital, very ill. Great was her surprise when her brother came to collect her from church one day, to take her home and meet her mom, back from hospital in a wheelchair, still in serious pain.

At that point however, Magdeline was used to fending for herself and relying on her own strength to get through the day. Her mother told her that when she was pregnant with Magdeline she was in a serious accident, with Magdeline’s life nearly lost and her family comments confirming her thoughts of being unwanted and hated.

She threw herself into her school work and got lost in music. She performed well at school, however on a social level, the struggle to fit in continued. Her mother sent her to various churches, pastors and prophets to pray for her, commenting on her being possessed by demons. The criticism, sarcasm and neglect from her mother as well, pushed her further into the deep spiral of depression. To make matters worse, her brother tried molesting her, however she only kept quiet, knowing that she cannot speak to anyone about this. Who would believe her anyway?

Magdeline tried committing suicide several times, wanting to escape from her world of constant rejection and emotions of not being good enough.

As her world seemed to be spinning out of control, music and using weed became her coping mechanisms. Her relationship with her mother deteriorated during this time, and performing artistically was her way of expressing herself.

This is the point when she ended up at POPUP and was shown the love of the Father and complete acceptance. Magdeline is smiling from ear to ear and relates well with her fellow POPUP learners. She believes that she is uniquely crafted for a God-given purpose, she was not a mistake and has tremendous value to add to the world and those around her. Her dream is to study law after completing a skills programme at POPUP. She wants to be seen as a seasoned artist, with a positive outlook on life and healthy relationships. Most of all, she wants to go to heaven after her time on earth.

The Magdeline we met in May and the person she is right now are worlds apart. She lives life passionately and will make a difference to people’s lives wherever she goes. She is driven and focused on crafting a better future for herself and others.

Specific Prayer Request: Magdeline just asks for us to pray God’s grace for future generations to never be exposed to a life such as hers and for her goals to be achieved, with a positive outlook and with solid relationships with people believing in her, supporting her and having a positive influence in her life.